Coed Amateurs

Yup we love those sites featuring coed amateurs.  Did you know that one of the most popular searches in  the adult site searches is college.  And here it is the freshman class caught on film working out favors to get good grades.  Think back to your first year at the university and how wild and crazy it was.  Those kegs and happy hours and late nights having fun then the homework didn’t get done.  Hours studying at the library turned into minutes and you got behind.  Well these girls learned how to make the best out of Her Freshman Year.  They worked out a deal with their teachers and guys who could help tutor and get them caught up on their studies.


Blonde Bombshell

My main complain with this beautiful blonde bombshell is that she has a weird name.  Xo Gisele. I mean obviously that is a stage name.  But she is the kind of girl that might work in the office as the assistant to the ceo.  Why can’t she have a real name something besides XO which is cute for a teen maybe but not for a working girl.  Not for the kind of girl that looks like she possible surrounds herself with rich powerful men. Worst case an argument could be made that she looks like a cheerleader for a professional sports team.  No one is going to think her name should be XO.  Great maybe she will give me a kiss and a hug.  Stop teasing me I have already seen the pictures inside your members area.  The secret is out.

Adult Model

We love adult models in the editorial department here.  And a few of us are big fans of redheads so let’s take a look at one of our personal favorites Lucy Ohara. She is a redhead sure and she has pasty white skin and freckles.  But more than that she just eludes raw sex appeal.  Her perky little boobies have tiny little pink nipples.  She is petite but still has feminine curves.  Her blue eyes could cut through any cold dark night.  But most of all we probably love her because she looks like the girl next door.  The one you always wished would go out with you on a day and didn’t already have some jerky boyfriend.

Texas Teen

One of the most popular texas teens is a girl named Tawnee Stone.  You might not recognize her name but that is okay that is why we are writing about her.  She was one of the first teens to have her own adult site.  Back when the site was launched there was not many options and almost no other teen sites that featured or was created for a specific single personality.  And what happened was that became hugely popular.  You probably will want to check out the site to see why she became such a sensation but like all things like death and taxes she got older and was no longer a teen.  Her amazing work is still archived and it’s just as good as the day she turned 18 and posed for the camera.

Homemade Video Tapes

The best kind of videos is the kind made at home by two lovers.  Real authentic sex tapes filmed for peoples private collections.  but what happens after the relationship goes bad?  What should you do with those videos then? You could just delete them as the consent to film them no longer truly exists. But sometimes what happens is a couple ends their union on bad terms.  And in an act of vengeance one of the parties submits the tape to a porn site online in an act of revenge.  One such site is Private Sex Tapes.  In certain jurisdictions laws have been passed that make this illegal such as the one from the California legislature.